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'Whereyoueatwell Lorenzo and KAKALAMBA' is the original space with the unique conception based on the conflict between Florence and Pirot. The whole idea came from one simple and sincere promise of a caring husband to his beloved wife at the beginning of the marriage: "Honey, I can promise you one thing: You will never be hungry!" Impressive amateur venture of this gourmand enthusiast got its shocking outcome that surely will not leave you indifferent. If you don't trip up at the entrance to one of the clumsily hidden cables, or God forbid, fall through the hole in the floor directly to the kitchen into the pot with delicious delicacies, you will find your way to one of the unusual chairs and order some of divine specialties from the Florentine or Pirot cuisine. Once you satisfy your gourmet appetite you will notice around a multitude of interesting details, from goat witch is peacefully grazing grass on the ceiling, through the comic reproductions of the famous Florentine sculptures to the fantastic paintings of the famous Botero.

Besides other awards, The Lorenzo & Kakalamba Restaurant has received a prestige recognition AMBASSADOR LUCE from the Toscany Wine house LUCE DELLA VITE. This title was delivered to the owner of the Restaurant, Ms. Sanja Djordjevic, on September 20, 2016, in the presence of VIPs from Belgrade, Pirot and other parts of Serbia.
This recognition represents confirmation of gastronomic and touristic prestige,and has been awarded only 40 times world-wide. In the area of Eastern Europe only 4 awards AMBASSADOR LUCE have been delivered, and in the area of former Yugoslavia none, besides this one to Lorenzo & Kakalamba. The remaining 36 awards have been granted to the Restaurants world-wide from Los Angeles to Tokio. One of the many reasons for obtaining such huge respect by the Wine House Frescobaldi from Toscany, lies in the fact that the Lorenzo & Kakalamba Restaurant serves on every table LAUDEMIO FRESCOBALDI olive oil, and LEONARDI aceto balsamico.
The Restaurant's owner graduated the Apicius Academy and has become Master Chief of the Toscany cuisine. Her Chef mentors from Florence, London and Amsterdam have enabled her the knowledge of the most up-to-date technique in food preparation, which goes hand in hand with the specialty of the L&K Restaurant, which is fixing of traditional dish from Toscany and Pirot, as well as preparation of the international dish. At the Award ceremony event a humanitarian auction sale of vintage wines took place.

Lorenzo i Kakalamba enterijer
Lorenzo i Kakalamba enterijer
Lorenzo i Kakalamba enterijer


Lorenzo & Kakalamba

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